Chapter Two

by Abigail


First impressions are so important, but what about the couple minutes after? What about the supporting details to the thesis? I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get through my foyer after driving home from work, there is always one room in my house I go to next: The bathroom. We live in a three bedroom, one bathroom shed. I mean house. The bathroom was about two or three feet wider, but that made the bedroom next to it that much smaller. My stubborn bones decided that was going to be our bedroom, so naturally we just made the bathroom small. Before it was small. Now it is sssmmmaaalll. With two people in the house, it gets the job done, but it is not ideal for much more than that. Decorating a bathroom is not what most people view as excitement. It is the bathroom for crying out loud! Most of it is a shower! However, I actually had a blast because it turned out to be the most challenging.

Having a grey color scheme throughout ou
r house made having dark wooden accents a little tricky at first. What helped a lot was getting a shower curtain. Our shower actually has a glass sliding door, which is nice for keeping out water, but is mundane on the decorative scale. We decided to still get a shower curtain despite having a glass door. The shower curtain has a sole purpose of making the bathroom pretty… and maybe hiding our dirty shower. Lol. Anyways, once we picked out this shower curtain, the whole room tied together. The brown and the grey is actually my favorite. It has a modern feel with the grey color scheme, but a natural feel having the wood. We continued to tie the two together with getting wood color accents for the walls and grey accents for the floors. The little “space fillers” all tie into the same modern yet country feel. I know, oxymoron.

Necessary decorations for a bathroom: A candle, because it’s a candle; Nature décor to emphasize calmness and relaxation; simple “bathroom needs” décor like soap dispenser, soap dish, tooth brush holder, etc…; and lastly a statue of a guy squatting from your honeymoon.

There are many more space saver ideas you could use in a small bathroom like hanging baskets on the walls for your towels. They only tip I would give, is if your bathroom is not very wide, refrain from using décor or that’s that are going to stick out from the way. We used very small, not very deep, shelves for space fillers and a line of hooks for our towels. All these things keep the room open without looking bare, while also completing our needs as far as storage goes.
Lessons learned: brown is okay & when in doubt, buy a shower curtain.

-The hooks and shelves are from Target. The “bathroom needs” mason jar things are from Kohl’s. The q-tip holder is a candle votive from our wedding. The wooden statue is from Punta Cana (our honeymoon). The “S” is a DIY with décor bought from Johann’s.-