Chapter One

by Abigail

It takes seven seconds to develop an opinion about something whether that is a person, a place, or an object. I believe that it is not always about the outward appearance but the beauty that is within. However, it is hard to achieve this form of beauty in a home. Much like many women out there who have decorated their home, my home is my baby. It is a replica of my marriage, my beliefs, and the love I want others to feel. My dream for my home is that every step taken inside whether a stranger or a friend, I want that step to be happily followed by another. For this to be possible, the “first impression” room of your home holds the most importance. (I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER).

For instance, I was blessed to have a foyer! Everyone has their lists of wants when they search for a home. In my case, my husband and I just picked the only house we could get at the time! It was rough. However, we poured love and time into this place and now it is our pride and joy – still in the works. Anyways, a foyer was not necessarily on my must have list, but it should have been!

My foyer, the entrance to my home, is my most warm, welcoming place to be. From the deep turquoise walls, to the multi colored slate under your feet, every little piece we put in between has a purpose and a goal. We wanted to foreshadow our home in this small walk way room. We chose a stand out color to demonstrate our crazy, maybe-it’s-clean home. The decorations on the table are gifts from family members that have much sentimental value to our new life together. The mirror and table were given to us by our grandmother. They were both found at our local thrift store, and only the mirror needed some tweeting! Both the coat rack (which we garbage picked) and the mirror we chose to spray paint black to create boarders but not stand out. The tables multicolor structure is a strong enough piece. It is very important to have statement pieces, but not to have too many of them. Our foyer has many unique and stylish elements, but cramming all that stuff can only be done in a room with no other purpose but to impress.

It all depends on the treasures that you find and how you put them together. It is a puzzle for you to create and a masterpiece that says what you want it to say. Your home is your art work. My dreams for my home is to show love and welcome each visitor with open arms. Pull out those family airlooms that didn’t go with your theme before. Go to the thrift store and find something that you can paint. Find a crazy color and splash the walls. Whatever your “foyer” would be considered, then have fun impressing people with this room! Choose what you want your home to say and do for others and make it happen.

“For man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7”