Home is where my Heart is.

by Abigail

I love to design (duh), decorate, and critique. Since I was in middle school I would spend hours and hours playing Sims. Not to be someone else for a while, but to build and create. Coming from a family and community of construction, it was inevitable that I turned out like this. My passion is with homes. In the past two years alone I have had ten different addresses. That is ten rooms for me to design and decorate. My motive: Feel like home. You see, when you bounce from house to house, bed to bed, it is hard to feel comfortable. Every address I had was wonderful and welcoming, but it was never mine.

Well, a few months ago I got married and my wonderful little family now has its very own home. I have moved the furniture 7,245 times and rehung/placed picture frames 375 times. Finally, it is home. Well getting there. Our home is full of used and abused accents and furniture. We have received countless compliments on how our home looks and feels, and honestly, it is my favorite thing to hear! I am so blessed to have a comfortable home, and to have the ability to make it that way. You do not need to pour buckets and buckets of dollar bills into decorating your house. Yes, it does cost money, but there is always another option! A cheaper one that needs just a little more love. Maybe that is why our home feels so comfortable. Nearly every bit of that 1,200 square foot house has been touched with love from a spray paint can or a hammer. Sometimes both.
Any ways, this is what I love.