Weekly Rant:

by Abigail

Creativity, inventiveness, it is all something I pretend to have. How awesome would life be to create all day for others! One of my dreams in life is to work from home. I would love to start my own business, my own company where I get to create for others. Whether that is picking out paint colors and furniture, selling styles and looks, or even creating and selling some time of product, ultimately I just want to do it on my own. So for months I have been researching ideas and thinking of ways I could work towards this plan. No luck. I am not an inventor. And frankly, without Pinterest, I am not too sure how creative I could be… Needless to say, I do not think I will be able to “work from home” anytime soon. I have however come up with a few concepts for a business but have been too scared to take another step towards them. One is a product concept business, and the other is a style selling type. I wasn’t going to share them, but maybe talking about it could unblock my mind and help come up with some better ideas!
Luke and I were cleaning our house this weekend, and as we finish a room, we always light a candle. It makes the room warm and homey! I have found a new obsession with candles, and it is not healthy. They are the perfect addition to any room. The only thing… they are expensive. I seem to go through candles once a month. Yes, I have mine lit more than the average Joe (or Jane), but it goes hand in hand. The more money you spend on one, the longer it lasts because of the quality of it. I used to just buy candles at the dollar store, but those are a one night stand type of deal (by that I mean they last one night). Then I got to thinking. There are so many subscription companies out there, where you sign up for something and once a month you get billed and sent whatever it they are selling. Why can’t that be candles! It would be so fun to make candles with difference looks, scents, feels, you could do so much! You would sign on for it online, fill out a questionnaire to express the type of person you are, your interests, the personality of your home, etc. Then you pay monthly and get sent a candle! The only problem is… I have never made a candle before. And honestly, I am sure there is already a company out there that does this.
This next idea is one that I have had for a while, but it is like super scary for me. Many of you have probably heard of or even used the company SitchFix. It is a clothing concept business where you fill out about of questions letting the designers get to know you are your style, and then you hook them up with your Pinterest so they can get a hold of your wardrobe board. Well, this would be the interior decorator version. You would answer several questions allowing me to get to know your personality and your style, and then you send me your Pinterest board for Home Décor. Additionally, you would upload pictures of your house, specifically the room, section you are looking to decorate. Ex. You have a fireplace in your living room that has a mantle that you want decorated. You would send me pictures of that mantle and pictures of the rest of your living room, so I can understand the look you are going for. With those photos, your Pinterest board, and the questionnaire, I would come up with 4 or 5 decorative pieces that would look perfect for your space. I would send those pieces to your house (or deliver them myself for cheap shipping 😉 ) along with information about them, and pictures of different set ups and placements you could do! You would then get a menu with the prices of each item. You would pay for what you want to keep, and return what you want, whether it was one item or all four of them, it wouldn’t matter! Just like StitchFix! It would be awesome to partner up with StitchFix and just do another branch for home décor, but again… These are just some silly ideas!
I have a lot of goals and dreams and ideas for my life, but I know that none of it is up to me. I pray that I have an open heart and open eyes to the plan that God has for me. I do know that he gave me a passion for interior design and little bit of talent for it. All I can do is work to the best of my abilities and wait to see what he throws at me next. I never in a million years thought I would be where I am today in life, but it is fantastic! It makes me that much more excited about what is to come. My biggest fault in life is always waiting for tomorrow, always waiting for the next step in life. I need to enjoy the day I am currently in, however I do not believe it is a sin to look forward to the future! It is just a sin to be anxious about it and to pass up on the days the Lord has given. So this is me enjoying these days and look forward to the future! I want to give it my all and give him my all, just don’t quite know how to do that yet. Your prayers and words of encouragement mean more to me then you would believe, because it is a small step towards reaching my full potential.