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Chapter Two


First impressions are so important, but what about the couple minutes after? What about the supporting details to the thesis? I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get through my foyer after driving home from work, there is always one room in my house I go to next: The bathroom. We live in a three bedroom, one bathroom shed. I mean house. The bathroom was about two or three feet wider, but that made the bedroom next to it that much smaller. My stubborn bones decided that was going to be our bedroom, so naturally we just made the bathroom small. Before it was small. Now it is sssmmmaaalll. With two people in the house, it gets the job done, but it is not ideal for much more than that. Decorating a bathroom is not what most people view as excitement. It is the bathroom for crying out loud! Most of it is a shower! However, I actually had a blast because it turned out to be the most challenging. Read the rest of this entry »


Weekly Rant:

Creativity, inventiveness, it is all something I pretend to have. How awesome would life be to create all day for others! One of my dreams in life is to work from home. I would love to start my own business, my own company where I get to create for others. Whether that is picking out paint colors and furniture, selling styles and looks, or even creating and selling some time of product, ultimately I just want to do it on my own. So for months I have been researching ideas and thinking of ways I could work towards this plan. No luck. I am not an inventor. And frankly, without Pinterest, I am not too sure how creative I could be… Needless to say, I do not think I will be able to “work from home” anytime soon. I have however come up with a few concepts for a business but have been too scared to take another step towards them. One is a product concept business, and the other is a style selling type. I wasn’t going to share them, but maybe talking about it could unblock my mind and help come up with some better ideas! Read the rest of this entry »

Setting the Stage…

I am doing it! As I sit in my desk chair at my desk job typing away number after number into contracts, I am more aware of my desire to become an interior designer. This time it is for real though. Every crazy idea I get, it involves interior design of some sort. Although, I am not yet ready to venture that deep into the unknown, I am ready to dip my toe into the publics eye of this idea. So….. Where do I begin?

I have looked into online programs, internships, furniture stores, even Ellen Degeneras Design Challenge. Whether it is staging condos in Chicago or helping someone get the perfect look for their first home, I do not care. Give me a budget & give me your Pinterest board. My only start: my home. I am not sure what my next step will be, but I figured why not write about it! Maybe writing can cure “following your dreams” block? If that is a thing…

I am so excited to finally be doing something that is related to this dream of mine. Hopefully one day I can post about other people’s homes rather than my own, but in the mean time I hope you enjoy the tour!

Chapter One

It takes seven seconds to develop an opinion about something whether that is a person, a place, or an object. I believe that it is not always about the outward appearance but the beauty that is within. However, it is hard to achieve this form of beauty in a home. Much like many women out there who have decorated their home, my home is my baby. It is a replica of my marriage, my beliefs, and the love I want others to feel. My dream for my home is that every step taken inside whether a stranger or a friend, I want that step to be happily followed by another. For this to be possible, the “first impression” room of your home holds the most importance. (I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER). Read the rest of this entry »

Home is where my Heart is.

I love to design (duh), decorate, and critique. Since I was in middle school I would spend hours and hours playing Sims. Not to be someone else for a while, but to build and create. Coming from a family and community of construction, it was inevitable that I turned out like this. My passion is with homes. In the past two years alone I have had ten different addresses. That is ten rooms for me to design and decorate. My motive: Feel like home. You see, when you bounce from house to house, bed to bed, it is hard to feel comfortable. Every address I had was wonderful and welcoming, but it was never mine. Read the rest of this entry »